Journal Publications 

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Conference Presentations

  1. Zheng Wang et al. Application of nanobubbles for the cleanup of sand polluted by oil spills. IAGLR's 67th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, Winsor, Canada, 05/23/2024.
  2. Zheng Wang et al. The role of bulk nanobubbles in the motion of microplastics on shorelines. PEOPLE 2023, Montreal, Canada, 08/09/2023.
  3. Zheng Wang et al. Effect of nanobubbles on the fate and transport of oil spill. International oil spill science conference 2022, Halifax, Canada, 10/05/2022.
  4. Zheng Wang et al. Microplastic release from weathered disposable gloves in the shoreline environment. International Conference on Persistent, Emerging, and Organic Pollution in the Environment – Challenges and Solutions under Climate Change, Charlottetown, Canada, 08/24/2022.
  5. Zheng Wang et al. Dispersion of particulate matter from oil spill response in cold regions. Cold Regions Specialty, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, & Applied Computing (CSCE 2022), Whistler, Canada, 05/27/2022.
  6. Zheng Wang et al. Disposable face masks: a new source of microplastics in aqueous environment. LEADERS & PEOPLE 2021 Virtual Symposium: Environmental Research and Career Training, Virtual, Canada, 07/20/2021.
  7. Zheng Wang et al. Study on the concentration of free radicals in atmospheric PM2.5 in Beijing. The 23rd China conference on atmospheric environmental science and technology, Beijing, China, 12/12/2017.

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